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Seat Assignments

Airlines allow approximately 70 percent of airplane seats to be pre-assigned. The remainder of seat assignments are restricted to airport check-in. This includes bulkhead and exit row seats. Several rows in the front of the plane are restricted for passengers who are paying full coach fares or those that are premium airline frequent members. Travel By Pathfinders will always make every effort to obtain an advance seat assignment. However, sometimes it is not possible. If we are not able to pre-assign a seat we do continue to monitor for new availability up until departure.

Some carriers offer increased seating options for an additional charge. Please inquire with your booking agent.

Service Fees

Travel agencies previously had been compensated by travel suppliers (i.e. the airline, hotel or car rental company) to act as agents in booking their products. Over the last several years, primarily by the airlines, commissions paid to travel agencies has been eliminated. As a result, for a travel agency to continuing generating income it became necessary to charge fees to their clients to provide the services involved with confirming and processing their reservations.

Non refundable airline tickets

The airline seat is a perishable product and its value expires forever once the aircraft departs.

Boarding Passes

Airports now require that passengers obtain a boarding pass prior to passing through the security check point. A boarding pass can be obtained one of the following ways - the airline's web site, a skycap, an E-Ticket kiosk in the airport terminal, or by checking in at the airline's ticket counter.

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